Why you should use kununu engage?

kununu engage gives employees a voice and lets them actively participate in shaping company culture.


Say What’s On Your Mind

Anonymous communication contributes to honest and constructive feedback.

How do you feel at work? Are there things that bother you, but you don’t know how to communicate them?

With our weekly survey and Topics, you can anonymously share your feedback to actively address your concerns.

Find Out How Your Colleagues Feel

With kununu engage, you can not only share your opinion, but also see if your colleagues are facing similar challenges. 

Get real-time feedback and instant insight into the mood of your company and team. No more waiting for the results of the annual feedback process.

Active shape your company culture and create a better place to work!

Share Your Ideas to Improve Your Workplace

Post a new subject that is close to your heart in Topics.

  • For example: “We have too many meeting with no clear agenda. Can we find a way to have fewer meetings?”

Ask an important question to find out if your colleagues agree or not.

  • For example: “The sales team is too overwhelmed and can barely finish all the tasks. When are we going to hire more people?”

Active Participation of Employees Is Important to Realize Change

Through getting regular feedback, your leadership can better understand your everyday work experience in ways they otherwise could not. 

This allows management to quickly react to problems and actually make effective changes.


How kununu engage Works

How kununu engage Works


kununu engage is anonymous and transparent.

No one, not even admins, can see which scores or comments came from which user.

Topics, as well, are completely anonymous.

As not everyone wants to give direct feedback face to face, kununu engage makes it easy to express your feelings and opinions about the past week at work.

Through this, good ideas, important questions, and interesting subjects are brought forward and can be addressed.

Weekly Survey

Every week kununu engages sends an email to all invited participants.

This email provides a link and encourages you to take part in the weekly survey.

The survey contains a total of 5 scientific questions regarding the 8 dimensions of company culture.

4 questions about 7 company culture dimensions change weekly. Only the question about your mood at work remains the same.

You can answer all questions with a simple 1-5 scale and have the option to leave a comment.

The results of the survey are visible to all participants in the weekly survey report.

Use the survey to share your opinions about the previous week and get an overview of the mood of your whole team and company.


Topics is the interactive discussion board for kununu engage.

In addition to the weekly survey, you can anonymously post questions, opinions, or ideas that are visible to everyone and can be rated.

Every employee can rate the importance and relevance of these Topics through up and downvoting.

The more votes a Topic has, the higher it will appear on the Topics board. 

Use the opportunity to inspire change in your company and directly influence important decisions and company culture.

You could even discuss the 5 top-voted Topics in the weekly company meeting?


With kununu engage, it’s simple and takes only a couple minutes to share your valuable feedback

Every week, there is a new survey available for every user. The survey is available from Monday until Sunday and you can log in at any time to fill it out. 

All questions are short and easily understandable. With an easy-to-use answer scale, you’ll only need 5 minutes per week.

Log in at any time to share your ideas, opinions, or questions in Topics and vote on new posts with a simple click.

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