Onboarding Tips

How to onboard your colleagues?
Before starting the invitation process, it’s good to have a clear idea on how to best onboard your employees. Please find our best tips as follows:

  • Awareness - inform your colleagues in advance that you plan to start using kununu engage, this can e.g. be done in a weekly company meeting. 
  • Communicate Anonymity - not everyone is comfortable with giving feedback, so this is a great way to get everyone to express their opinions! Not even admins or managers can see who wrote the comments. 
  • User strategy- in order to see the results of the weekly survey and view the feedback from your colleagues, you need at least 5 registered users. ensure the anonymous evaluation of the results, at least 5 users are needed 
  • Visibility- inform everyone that comments are visible to all.
  • Communicate Participation - without participation, results are not visible. 
  • Feedback Strategy - think about how you would best like to manage and handle the feedback. It’s important to address what your colleagues can expect by using kununu engage.

How to invite your colleagues?
Simply log in and click on ‘Manage Users’ in the upper left corner. At the top of the page you see a link ‘Invite Users’, which you can copy to your clipboard using the button next to it and send it via email or slack. When an employee clicks on this link, they are asked to enter their company email address, choose a password and the invitation process is complete.

Email Template - Invite your colleagues
We have created a template that you can share with your colleagues, explaining kununu engage and how to use it. All you have to do is to copy & paste the template here below into your email tool, paste the invitation link and you are all set! 

Hello {{ subscriber.first_name }},

We are launching kununu enage, and we are very excited to get you started!

What is kununu engage?
kununu engage is a tool, that helps you drive change within companies. The tool aims to positively transform your life at work by giving, the employee, a platform to voice your opinions, questions and ideas, anonymously! Your feedback will have a direct impact on important decisions that will help to shape our company, culture and environment.

How does kununu engage work?

Weekly Mood Survey
Every week a fully automated survey is sent out to you, where you are asked to rate your week and give feedback on what impacted your week.


In addition to the weekly mood survey, you can also ask questions, create topics and share ideas, with an interactive topic board - Topics! All employees can express how important these topics are by up or down-voting on them. The more colleagues up-vote your topic, the higher it ranks on the board.

kununu engage is a tool made for employees. It’s very easy to use and it only takes few minutes to share your valuable feedback.

To get started, you only have to click the link here below, sign up with your company email, choose a password and you are ready to go!

<<insert link>>

Best wishes,