Scientific Survey

Important Points at a Glance

  • kununu engage automatically sends a weekly email to all invited employees.
  • In this email, every employee is encouraged to take part in the weekly survey.
  • This anonymous survey contains 5 scientifically-tested questions from the 8 dimensions of company culture. 7 dimensions are based on those from, plus a consistent question about the dimension of employee mood.
  • Answering is easy with a rating system of 1-5 and an option to comment.
  • The survey report is available to all employees through an easy-to-read visualization. 
  • The results help you better understand what is affecting and driving your employees.
  • You can spot negative trends early and take quick, informed actions.
  • Employees feel appreciated and integrated, and become active participants in company culture.
  • This leads to a proven increased in employee motivation and reduced employee sick days.

The Weekly Survey

Every week kununu engages sends an automatic email to all invited employees that provides a link and encourages them to take part in the weekly survey.

Clicking “Take Survey Now” will take participants directly to the kununu engage platform.

Employees will then receive a total of 5 questions regarding the 8 dimensions of company culture. These questions are formulated to be easy and understandable, so that they can be quickly answered.

Of the 5 total questions, 4 are drawn from the 7 dimensions: Communication, Interesting Challenges, Leadership Effectiveness, Team Spirit, Work-Life Balance, Working Conditions, and Work Climate.

We developed these questions in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Along with first 4 questions, participants answer an additional question about the dimension of Mood.

All questions are answered with a simple 1-5 scale.

For every question, there is the option to leave a comment, which allows participants to clarify their rating or give additional information.

The questions for the 7 dimensions change weekly. Employee mood is the only question that stays consistent.


The results of the survey are visible in the weekly survey report.

The individual categories are clearly listed.

Participants can quickly find the score ratings. 

Comments are easily accessible with a click.

Next to the rating, there is a small graphic that shows the company score in comparison to other kununu engage customers.

Known as external benchmarking, this helps to understand results in context.

Additionally, at the bottom of the survey report, there is a graphic that shows the development of individual scores on a monthly and yearly basis. 

This data allows quick response to issues, for example, if the communication score is negative for multiple weeks.

Transparency is integral to kununu engage, which means that all comments and ratings are visible to everyone on all levels of a company.

In addition, anonymity is of great importance to promote honest feedback from employees. 

This is why we first show results only when at least 5 employees have responded to the survey. 


Team structures are also possible in kununu engage.

When set up, each team gets a dedicated report to which admins and team members have access.

The teams are member-specific, meaning a member of the sales team can filter for their group, but can’t filter for the marketing team.

In the team report, the scores and comments for each dimension are shown. 

There is also a graphic that helps you compare team results with those of the whole company through internal benchmarking.