Group Function

You can access the group overview by clicking “Manage Groups”

*Only users with admin authorization can create and edit groups.

Creating a New Group

With the blue button on the top right-hand side you can create a new group.

Now, simply enter a new group name.

Add members to the group by using the “Add Members” box. By clicking in the box, you will be shown suggested members.

A user has to already be entered in the platform for their name to appear in this screen.

To do this, access “Manage Users” in the navigation menu. 

Group Hierarchy

Building a group hierarchy is possible by adding main and subgroups.

Filtering of the group hierarchy uses the following system:

The visible groups for every member are available in a drop-down menu.

For a member of a group, it is possible to filter for the main group, as well as the subgroups.

If a group is chosen, the results for the selected group and groups below it will be aggregated and shown.

All employees can always see the results on the whole company level.

logik gruppenfunktion kununu engage


In the next step, you can add managers for the individual groups.

To do this, click on the edit symbol (pencil) next to a specific group.

On this screen, you can choose whether a user is a simple member or a manager.

Managers have the ability to add and delete members from a group.

Erase Members or Groups

If you’d like to erase an employee from a group, click on the circle with the minus symbol next the user’s name.

Clicking on the trash can will let you delete the entire group.

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