Company Topics

Topics adds an interactive discussion board to kununu engage. Where the weekly survey provides an “early warning system,” Topics complements this and goes much deeper. In Topics, all employees can anonymously create and post issues or ideas that are visible to everyone. All employees are able to vote up or down on Topics to indicate how important they feel they are. Think of Topics as the voice of employees, initiating discussions that are important for the entire company.

Transparent Company Culture and Increased Engagement with Topics 

In order to make the most of Topics, begin by communicating the advantages to your colleagues. Next, consider and implement a strategy for how Topics will be handled. Only when feedback is addressed by a company do employees really feel heard and involved, which increases motivation and connection to the organization. 

Each company decides what methods to handle feedback work best for their unique workplaces. Some successful examples are to address the 5 top-voted Topics in a weekly company or team meeting, regular newsletters, or at “Ask the CEO” gatherings. 

Arrange a free Demo with us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more guidance and ideas to put feedback into action and use Topics to improve your company and company culture. 

How to Make a Topic

Do you have a good idea or an important matter that you would like to discuss?

Open kununu engage and select Topics in the navigation menu on the left. On the new page, click the blue “Add Topic” button on the top right to create a Topic.

By clicking on “Add Topic”, you open a new window.

With this window, you can type in your new Topic and click “Add.” Your Topic will then be posted anonymously, but be visible to all.

Commenting and Voting on Topics

Every employee can vote up or down on every Topic by clicking on the arrows.

In addition, employees can comment on each Topic. Simply click on the Topic to open the comment field. 

In this window, you can write and post your comment.

The button circled in red below is the refresh button, which lets you stay up to date on new votes and comments.

You can filter Topics by popularity (the most votes) or view Topics that you have not yet voted on.

Archiving Topics for Admins and Managers

For admins and managers, it is also possible to archive Topics.

If you want to archive all the Topics, there is also a button for this.

When you want to bring Topics back out from the archive, you just have to click the button below.

Erasing Topics for Admins

Only admins have the ability to erase Topics.

If you have any questions regarding how Topics works, simply write us an email at We’re happy answer questions and hear any feedback.

Enjoy the free trial! Start right away and post your first Topic.

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